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Meet My House


A before shot of our house. Actually, REALLY before, we hadn't even bought it yet!

 This is my house.  Our house, really.  We used to walk  by this house every day on our way to the park with the kidlets.  I didn’t like the color and the style wasn’t to my taste but, it was a perfect location and had a HUGE yard.  We were on our way to the park from the house we were renting two blocks away when we saw the realtor’s guy puttin up the For Sale sign.  David & I talked it over while this kids played and decided to call our realtor to see if we could take a look at the inside.  We were able to make an appointment for the next day, decided we could work with it and put in an offer.  We heard back that evening, it was already in escrow.

We kept up our walks to the park.  We kept looking at the house with the awful, hot, dry paint job.  We kept stalking it online.  David was looking at the MLRS page again about two weeks later and, lo and behold, it was back on the market!  He called his uncle, our realtor, immediately and asked him to resubmit our offer.  Now, this was a Friday afternoon and, as far as we knew, no one even knew it was back on the market.  David’s uncle happened to know the listing agent and made sure our offer got right on their desk before anyone else had a chance to blink!  We had everything faxed and waiting for them in the machine bright and early Monday morning and they accepted!!  It was a bank owned property and had been vacant for a little while.  The pond in the back yard had dried up and there were little fishy carcasses just lying there.  😦
After we signed all the papers, it hit me.  What are we going to have to do to make this place liveable?  Not only that, what am I going to have to do to make this place somewhere I want to actually live?!  Here are some more before pics to let you know what I mean…

A View from the Front Door

This is what greeted you from the front door.  High-gloss Mint Ice Cream on the family room walls contrasted nicely with the High-gloss Grape Bubble-Yum in the kitchen, don’t you think?

From Left of the Front Door

Here, from another angle you can see the weird little door thingy under the stairs that leads to the garage.  And the lovely Salmon colored metal banister.  It reminded me of something you’d see on outside stairs, maybe, not in someone’s home. 

I can’t wait to show you the huge difference a year (and David’s hard work!) has made!


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