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We Moved!

We have a new address!  homecanbeheaven.com  Things are still a little messy and may be for a while BUT it should be entertaining to watch me figure it all out, dontcha think? 


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Under Construction!

I’m in the middle of switching hosts and putting together the new layout and…ummm…it’s taking a leetle bit longer than I anticipated…yeeahh…  It could be because I have exactly zero techinical know-how but, who’s to say.  See you on the other side!  (hopefully soon!)

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No, we’re not having Cookie Crisp Cereal (do they still make that stuff?), we’re having Giant Breakfast Cookies!  Oh my goodness, you guys, the house smells AWESOME!!  I had to fiddle with the recipe a little due to food allergies in my child care program.  For instance, we can’t use honey so, I substituted Grade B Maple Syrup.  Also, I forgot to get them started last night so, we didn’t soak the grains but, oh well!

I’m trying to be more of a ‘Yes’ person and so, I’m trying to set up parameters in my home that allow me to be able to say yes to my husband and child care kiddos more often.  I think being able to ask, “Who wants cookies for breakfast?” totally helps me fulfill that goal!  Especially when I know that the ‘cookies’ are just as healthy, maybe even more so, than a bowl of oatmeal!

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Taking It Easy…

Whew…starting out my week with only 4 1/2 hours of sleep, probably not my best idea ever! It wasn’t that I was up late trying to prep for the week, it was just plain ‘ol insomnia. Oh well, I’m going to be sure not to nap or anything this afternoon so I should be good and tired by bedtime tonight.

The nice thing about prepping for my week instead of vegging through my weekend? My lesson plan was already done today so, the older kiddos are coloring their #2 sheets happily after a lesson about counting and numbers, the toddlers are outside playing with my assistant (You rock, Lesley!!) and are burning off tons of energy AND, since David and I prepped most of our meals for the next two weeks already, I only have to remember to pre-heat the oven at 11:30 and pop in our meal and our lunch will be DONE! Veggies are chopped, fruit is sliced, recipe is already put together and ready to cook… *exhale* What a blessing preparation is, especially on a day that you need to coast a little!

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Oh my goodness!  I’ve never really though of a cold as ‘sick’, you know?  People would complain, “Oh man, I’m so sick with this cold!”  and in my head I’d be thinking, “Awww, poor baby, you gots da sniffles?” 

Not really but, almost something like that.  All I have to say is, I am SO sorry!  I had no idea!  I got hit with this deep, chesty cough last Thursday, it’s something all the kiddos got and I wasn’t immune this time.  Guys, it is SO bad!  I’ve spent all week just trying to maintain!  What’s made it the most difficult is the fact that I’ve been up coughing and choking all night long!  Have you tried running a house full of kids on 90 mins sleep every night for a week?  NOT FUN!

I’m afraid to go into my kitchen, every time I do, I hear the floor crunch and I know that can’t be good.  It’s not like I haven’t been sweeping and cleaning up after the kiddos, I just can’t keep up!  My body won’t let me.  I pull out the broom and do a few passes but then, a kid is upset or, someone needs to use the potty or, one of a million other reasons I need to put the broom down and sprint to someone’s rescue.  Usually, I can do that AND handle my house cleaning routine AND be prepping yummy meals AND have fun, wonderfully stimulating lesson plans for the kids but, for some reason, when I’m sick I can’t.  I’ve performed triage and have decided that, this week, priorities are as follows:

  1. Keep children alive and relatively clean until pick up every day
  2. Feed aforementioned children
  3. Pour all extra energy in being kind and patient with said children, they’re not feeling well either

…Aaaaaand…That’s about it!  Ennah is back from her road trip to Seattle so, Tuesday & Wednesday, I had extra help around the house and I could roll around on the floor with the kids.  David has been off every day at about 1pm and he helped the kiddos plant more veggies in the garden which they loved!  David has also taken over dish duty this week which, when you’re feeding 7 or 8 kids a minimum of 2 meals and 2 snacks every day, dishes are an INSANE undertaking!  He is such an amazing help, I love him!

Needless to say, blogging was not on that list of priorities this week!  I have been thinking about it constantly though and I actually have a number of posts in the works.  Give me the weekend to recover and I’ll be right backatcha on Monday, better than ever!

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