I heard this song, probably a year or two ago and, I just couldn’t handle it at the time. I came across it today as I was reading a blog and the feeling of peace and healing was a surprise to me. I’m thankful for a loving Heavenly Father who not only knows the dreams of my heart, He planted them there and He whispers words of love and comfort to me.


Tell Your Time

I know that I haven’t been posting here at ALL and that’s mostly because I have had no TIME! My goodness, buying a house, repairing a house, renovating a house, running a business, caring for family, and on and on and on, ad infinitum… I’m looking all around and seeing women (and men!) who are just as busy as I am and yet, they seem to find the time to shower, they seem to be able to have conversations (with actual friends, mind you! I hardly remembered I was supposed to have those!) that weren’t words being flung, rapid-fire, with barely a breath drawn. How do they DO that? Where do THEY get the extra 12 hours a day they MUST have? Is it drugs? Why aren’t they sharing?? (JUST kidding!!)
In my search to find peace and balance in my life, I’ve been reading blogs (WHO has TIME to BLOG??!!) and finding different female ‘heroes’. Women who I could relate to, who seem to have their stuff together but are still not perfect, who have similar goals to mine and seem to be actually progressing toward them. I was looking for footprints in the snow! Someone who was a little bit ahead of me on the path but who wasn’t so far ahead that their footprints had already been filled in again with flurries and I’d get lost if I tried to follow them. One such woman has written a book…

Click to check out her ebook!

 …and it is AMAZING!  It is short, it is simple, it is part of what I was so desperately looking for!  A way to have my life reflect my values and ideals. 

Maybe you’re like me.  I have so many ‘roles’ that are key to who I am as a person.  I’m a wife, I’m a care provider, I’m a Mormon, etc…  Somewhere in all of my activities, I lost track of, not only those roles but, also the most important one, I’m myself.  I need to care for myself so that I can care for my husband, my charges, my relationship with Christ, my dreams.  There are so many things that I feel I HAVE to do and there’s always more piling on.  I was spending my days running and my evenings collapsed in a heap of exhaustion and frustration.  Everything has to be done right now!  Look at everything I still have to do!  Does that sound at all familiar or is it just me?

So much was suffering!  I’m able to care for the kiddos but not my house.  I can feed my husband but I’m not drinking any water (AT ALL!).  I can finish my paperwork but I can only sleep 4 hours a night.

After reading Amy’s book (it took about 20 minutes), it was like a lightbulb had switched on!  You mean I only get 24 hours a day and, if I schedule more than 24 hours worth of stuff, I’ll be stressed, frustrated and upset with myself?  Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?  Even though I knew that already (duh, 24 hours, 7 days, 52 weeks…), I was feeling totally powerless.  Everything on my calendar is good stuff, it all has to be done and it all has to be done by me!  I had no clue how to prioritize and eliminate or delegate.  Amy’s book has lit that path.  I get it now and, though it may take some time and effort on my part to make an actual DOable plan and stick to it.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to get it eventually. 

I really hope that, if time management is one of your stress points right now, you’ll take a look at Amy’s book.  You can’t find it in stores, only on her website.  It’s an ebook so, you’ll only have to wait about 30 seconds for delivery and every tool she gives you, you can use right away.  If you read it, please, leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!  If you don’t read it, I’d still love to hear your thoughts!  What do you do that makes your schedule work for you?  What doesn’t work?

Click here to visit AmyLynnAndrews.com.

Meet My House


A before shot of our house. Actually, REALLY before, we hadn't even bought it yet!

 This is my house.  Our house, really.  We used to walk  by this house every day on our way to the park with the kidlets.  I didn’t like the color and the style wasn’t to my taste but, it was a perfect location and had a HUGE yard.  We were on our way to the park from the house we were renting two blocks away when we saw the realtor’s guy puttin up the For Sale sign.  David & I talked it over while this kids played and decided to call our realtor to see if we could take a look at the inside.  We were able to make an appointment for the next day, decided we could work with it and put in an offer.  We heard back that evening, it was already in escrow.

We kept up our walks to the park.  We kept looking at the house with the awful, hot, dry paint job.  We kept stalking it online.  David was looking at the MLRS page again about two weeks later and, lo and behold, it was back on the market!  He called his uncle, our realtor, immediately and asked him to resubmit our offer.  Now, this was a Friday afternoon and, as far as we knew, no one even knew it was back on the market.  David’s uncle happened to know the listing agent and made sure our offer got right on their desk before anyone else had a chance to blink!  We had everything faxed and waiting for them in the machine bright and early Monday morning and they accepted!!  It was a bank owned property and had been vacant for a little while.  The pond in the back yard had dried up and there were little fishy carcasses just lying there.  😦
After we signed all the papers, it hit me.  What are we going to have to do to make this place liveable?  Not only that, what am I going to have to do to make this place somewhere I want to actually live?!  Here are some more before pics to let you know what I mean…

A View from the Front Door

This is what greeted you from the front door.  High-gloss Mint Ice Cream on the family room walls contrasted nicely with the High-gloss Grape Bubble-Yum in the kitchen, don’t you think?

From Left of the Front Door

Here, from another angle you can see the weird little door thingy under the stairs that leads to the garage.  And the lovely Salmon colored metal banister.  It reminded me of something you’d see on outside stairs, maybe, not in someone’s home. 

I can’t wait to show you the huge difference a year (and David’s hard work!) has made!

Something about the sunshine through the rain for the last few weeks, the rich soil in our yard being turned over in preparation for planting, the blustery wind blowing the trees and clouds around, tells me it’s definitely spring!  I’m really feeling it in my bones this year, I almost feel like a seed myself!  I feel like I’ve been buried all winter, sleeping and hiding and waiting.  All of a sudden, I feel a stirring, a stretching.  Ideas and thoughts and dreams are starting to spark and turn into activity and it feels good!  It’s a nice surprise actually, I was feeling stagnant and sluggish, bloated and lazy.  It’s nice to discover that there’s growth and life deep down.  A seed, even while it’s laying dormant through the winter, isn’t a waste, it’s not dead, it’s just sleeping and waiting for the rain and the sun to wake it so it can start fulfilling it’s purpose!  I’m ready to wake up!  I want to grow and change and produce!  

The greatest thing that I’m discovering about seeds and plants, it’s not a speedy growth.  It takes time to work those first little leaves through the soil and even though, to the naked eye, it looks like nothing is happening, under the dirt the seed is working and pushing out those roots long before the tiny tendrils poke up.  Even after you see the little spikes of green, the plant doesn’t shoot up like a rocket, it’s slow and steady.  The plant knows that it can’t reach the heights it needs to if the base of the stalk isn’t strong.  If the plant hasn’t built up the right kind of support at the bottom, it won’t be able to support its fruit.  I can work with slow growth.  I don’t want to shoot up and flare out like a comet.  I want the calm, steady, inching my way up the trellis kind of progress! 

Maybe I’m more like a garden than a seed.  I’ve been letting my soil rest and hibernate all winter but lately, it’s been turned over!  Weeds are getting yanked and burned, I’m having rich additives mixed in and supplementing what I already have.  It’s not all that comfortable, sometimes downright painful but, it needs to be done.  Then comes the fun part, choosing what I want to grow in my garden.  I’m using Galatians 5:22-23 as my seed catalog.  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance…  That’s exactly what I want growing in my garden!  I’m excited to see the first sprouts and I can’t wait til I start seeing the first fruits!!

Here’s the lyrics to a song that came up on our Pandora station today, it really had the kids and I bopping around the house while we were doing clean up.  It’s exactly how I was feeling when I woke up this morning to see the sunlight streaming in my window!  Enjoy!

It’s a Brazzle Dazzle day,
So throw off the past an everything in it,
That’s the Brazzle Dazzle way,
Enjoying your time, from minute to minute,
Running through the sand without your shoes on (shoes on),
Making sure that you don’t keep your blues on,
Finding a boat we can cruise on

It’s a Brazzle Dazzle day,
When you think of love and never a sorrow,
That’s the Brazzle Dazzle way,
To do your work now and take off tomorrow,
Flying through the air; you don’t need wings on (wings on),
Climb right up! and feel the thrill it brings on,
Flock with the wind as it sings on.

Ride higher and higher and glide above the clouds,
Free! no one to catch us or slow us,
Even the birds are below us!

It’s a Brazzle Dazzle day,
A life time of joy in just a few hours,
All our Brazzle Dazzle years have just begun,
We’ll follow the sun and replay,
This Brazzle Dazzle day!

Ride higher and higher and glide above the clouds,
Free! no one to catch us or slow us,
Even the birds are below us!

It’s a Brazzle Dazzle day,
A life time of joy in just a few hours,
All our Brazzle Dazzle years have just begun,
We’ll follow the sun and replay,
This Brazzle Dazzle day!
This Brazzle Dazzle day!

-Walt Disney’s Pete’s Dragon

Oh my goodness!  I’ve never really though of a cold as ‘sick’, you know?  People would complain, “Oh man, I’m so sick with this cold!”  and in my head I’d be thinking, “Awww, poor baby, you gots da sniffles?” 

Not really but, almost something like that.  All I have to say is, I am SO sorry!  I had no idea!  I got hit with this deep, chesty cough last Thursday, it’s something all the kiddos got and I wasn’t immune this time.  Guys, it is SO bad!  I’ve spent all week just trying to maintain!  What’s made it the most difficult is the fact that I’ve been up coughing and choking all night long!  Have you tried running a house full of kids on 90 mins sleep every night for a week?  NOT FUN!

I’m afraid to go into my kitchen, every time I do, I hear the floor crunch and I know that can’t be good.  It’s not like I haven’t been sweeping and cleaning up after the kiddos, I just can’t keep up!  My body won’t let me.  I pull out the broom and do a few passes but then, a kid is upset or, someone needs to use the potty or, one of a million other reasons I need to put the broom down and sprint to someone’s rescue.  Usually, I can do that AND handle my house cleaning routine AND be prepping yummy meals AND have fun, wonderfully stimulating lesson plans for the kids but, for some reason, when I’m sick I can’t.  I’ve performed triage and have decided that, this week, priorities are as follows:

  1. Keep children alive and relatively clean until pick up every day
  2. Feed aforementioned children
  3. Pour all extra energy in being kind and patient with said children, they’re not feeling well either

…Aaaaaand…That’s about it!  Ennah is back from her road trip to Seattle so, Tuesday & Wednesday, I had extra help around the house and I could roll around on the floor with the kids.  David has been off every day at about 1pm and he helped the kiddos plant more veggies in the garden which they loved!  David has also taken over dish duty this week which, when you’re feeding 7 or 8 kids a minimum of 2 meals and 2 snacks every day, dishes are an INSANE undertaking!  He is such an amazing help, I love him!

Needless to say, blogging was not on that list of priorities this week!  I have been thinking about it constantly though and I actually have a number of posts in the works.  Give me the weekend to recover and I’ll be right backatcha on Monday, better than ever!

72 Hour Kits

Lately I’ve been wondering if we’re as prepared as we should be in the event that there were a major disaster during child care hours.  I always have a week’s worth of food at least but, do we have enough water?  What if we have to load everyone in the stroller and camp out at the park?  We’re lucky enough to have quite a few of our clients pretty close during work hours, some even live close enough to walk but, what about our clients that live/work on the other side of Santa Rosa?  What if they can get to us but can’t get home?  What if they can’t get to us and we have their kiddos for a night or two?  We have extra play clothes in their cubbies but those are really just for if they have an accident or get dirty, really just one extra change of clothes. 

David had the idea of having several generic backpacks or gallon bags filled with clothes and labeled, not by name but by size.  Perhaps have the parents go through their extra or outgrown clothes and donate them so that we can organize them and have them ready to go here, in a big tote.  What would we need for each 72-hour kit as far as clothes?

  1. Footy PJs
  2. 3-5 pairs of undies (for diaper wearers, we have all their sizes here, as well as overnights for the bigger kids)
  3. 3-5 pairs of socks
  4. 3 pairs of cotton pants, no jeans
  5. 3 shirts
  6. 1 sweat shirt and 1 sweat pants
  7. plastic poncho
  8. pair of crocks or something like that in case their tennies get wet or they come to child care in sandals that day
  9. Anything else?

I’m also trying to think of what types of foods would be best for their 72-hour kits.  Carbs, not having a problem!  You got your crackers, cheerios, oatmeal, etc…It’s the protein I’m having a hard time figuring out.  Most of the kids are under 3 years old and we have one kiddo with a possible nut allergy so, peanut butter is out.  Cheese isn’t shelf stable and, for the kids under 3, I don’t think I’d be comfortable with jerky or something like that, I don’t need to be worrying about choking children on top of everything else!  I’ve seen those packets of chicken or tuna salad that come with crackers at the grocery store and those might be a good idea but, what else?  Of course we have chili and beans, etc in our pantry but, if we have to camp out or can’t get back in to our house for some reason, canned goods would be heavy and hard to transport while herding 7 infants and preschoolers.  For the babies, most brands of formula have those single serve packets and we could put a box of those in each of their kits.  Baby food and infant cereal last a very long time and is very easy to store and transport so, it’s really just the preschoolers kits that I’m having a hard time with!  Do you have any suggestions? 

Have recent events made you start thinking more about your emergency prep?  What have you got prepped and what do you think needs to be updated/changed?  When was the last time you rotated your food or checked the sizes in your kid’s emergency kit?

Garden Time!

Oh guys, I’m so stinkin’ excited about our garden this year!  It’s the first year in our new home and, since we’re going to be here for a while, we actually have the time AND the space for an awesome garden!

In our front yard, we’ve already planted a couple of Hebe bushes and some Ixia bulbs and I can’t wait til those start really making a showing.  Now that the windows have been installed, we can finally start preparing the soil in the flower bed right in front of the house.  It’s going to be filled with Peonies, Glads, Hyacinths and a ton of other beautiful bulbs.  David has just finished building our Dahlia bed, we’ve got about 42 Dahlia bulbs, ALONE!

What I’m most excited about is our kitchen garden.  We’re doing square foot gardening this year and we’re planning on an abundance, a cornucopia if you will, of food!  We have our four citrus trees, Blood Orange, Dancy Tangerine, Meyer Lemon and Buddha’s Hand Lemon.  We’ve already planted some peas and four types of lettuce outside and we have peppers, cukes, three kinds of tomatoes and some celery starting to sprout in the office.  That’s all just the tip of the iceberg though!  We’re planting strawberries, lemon cukes, artichokes, beans, two kinds of melons, two kinds of pumpkins, a couple of squash plants and I’m sure I’m leaving something out!  It’s going to be so awesome!  I can’t wait to have the kiddos run outside and pick their own salads!  Oh, and the canning I’ll get to do this year!  I’m so excited!!  I can’t wait to post some pictures, maybe even a video or two!

Are you planning a garden this year?  What do you hope to plant?  Let me know down in the comments section!