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Taking It Easy…

Whew…starting out my week with only 4 1/2 hours of sleep, probably not my best idea ever! It wasn’t that I was up late trying to prep for the week, it was just plain ‘ol insomnia. Oh well, I’m going to be sure not to nap or anything this afternoon so I should be good and tired by bedtime tonight.

The nice thing about prepping for my week instead of vegging through my weekend? My lesson plan was already done today so, the older kiddos are coloring their #2 sheets happily after a lesson about counting and numbers, the toddlers are outside playing with my assistant (You rock, Lesley!!) and are burning off tons of energy AND, since David and I prepped most of our meals for the next two weeks already, I only have to remember to┬ápre-heat the oven at 11:30 and pop in our meal and our lunch will be DONE! Veggies are chopped, fruit is sliced, recipe is already put together and ready to cook… *exhale* What a blessing preparation is, especially on a day that you need to coast a little!

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